Marine Internet Options

Matching your boating habits with the proper system for your needs.

Comparing Internet Systems for Boats and Yachts

For the mariner that needs to stay connected from anywhere. Satellite antennas are often expensive both for equipment and service. Data speeds work well for web surfing and emailing, but not for streaming. These units are great for travelers that venture far off the coast and must stay connected for work. 

A more affordable option for marine internet. Cellular is perfect for those traveling within the US or along the coast. Speeds are often much faster than satellite when within network range, allowing for high-gigabyte web surfing and video streaming. For mariners that travel around the Caribbean, we recommend getting a US data plan, a data plan for the country you are traveling to, and a satellite phone for emergencies.

The best option for staying in touch while traveling very remote. The Globalstar SPOT X and Inmarsat IsatPhone2 allow for calling and texting, while the Iridium GO! also provides low-data usage and calling directly from your cell phone.

Compare Your Marine Internet Options

Satellite Antennas

Cellular Systems

Satellite Phones