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Marine Satellite TV Equipment by KVH

TV at sea has never been easier. Introducing the TracVision product line by KVH, the most dependable and resilient marine television antennas on the market. The TracVision line includes marine antennas up to 1 meter wide, but the best consumer marine antennas are the significantly more compact TV1, TV3, and TV5. These three antennas are powerful enough to provide the marine television coverage you need, while being small enough to unobtrusively fit on your boat or yacht. For smaller near-shore boats the TV1 is perfect, and for further voyages on larger boats the TV3 or TV5 will be best.

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Ultra-compact and easy to install, the TracVision TV1 provides excellent coverage for near-shore boats and yachts. Great for any vessel traveling throughout US inland waterways or along the coastline.

A slightly larger frame than the TV1, the TracVision TV3 boasts a range of up to 100 miles offshore. Easy to install and easy to use, the TV3 makes TV at Sea a snap. Great for larger vessels that travel further offshore. 

Boasting best-in-class tracking and reception, the KVH TracVision TV5 lets you enjoy your favorite TV shows on your boat where few other antennas can provide it. Great for sportfishing boats or vessels traveling to the Caribbean.

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