Marine Satellite Internet

Unmatched reliability and dependability for your boat or yacht.

Marine Satellite Internet Antennas by Cobham, Intellian, KVH, and Kymeta

For boats and yachts that need reliable remote internet, a marine satellite antenna is the only real option. Though there are dozens of marine antennas to choose from, only a select few make sense for the discerning small-vessel mariner. KVH, Kymeta, and Cobham Sea Tel manufacture the best low-profile marine satellite antennas, with Kymeta having the only flat panel antenna. For international and global marine satellite internet, KVH is the best option, while the Cobham SAILOR FB 250 makes the most sense for a vessel that only needs voice communication and low data throughput.

The smallest marine satellite antenna on the KVH TracPhone line, made specifically for mid-sized consumer boats and yachts. Featuring both regional and global service options, the KVH TracPhone V3 HTS has the power to keep you connected. 

A lightweight and affordable Ku-band stabilized VSAT maritime antenna system designed for small to mid-sized vessels. Capable of delivering higher levels of performance, with a standard 6W BUC and Cross-pol only configuration, at significantly reduced pricing to most similar antennas.

The next-generation Kymeta terminal. Compact and comprehensive, the Kymeta u8 can be attached to any flat surface on your vessel and will provide consistent, high quality broadband internet connectivity from anywhere in the world. 

Compare Your Marine Satellite Options

KVH TracPhone V3 HTS

Kymeta u8 Terminal