Marine Satellite Phones

The most affordable option for low-bandwidth communication.

Satellite Phones by Iridium, Inmarsat, and GlobalStar

Satellite phones are the perfect option for emergency marine communications and low-bandwidth data use. While not specifically marine products, SeaSat offers marine packages for each offered satellite phone to make them optimized to work in a marine environment. Whether you just need a backup communication medium in case of emergency or you want to email while you are away at sea, a satellite phone is the perfect option for your vessel.

Connect to anyone from anywhere on the water. Iridium GO! provides global voice calling and text messaging solutions for your smartphone, as well as simple data capabilities through Iridium apps. 

Reliable 2-way satellite communications to stay connected when out on the water. The most affordable satellite phone and satellite phone service plan, the SPOT X provides simple texting and SOS from practically anywhere in the world. 

The next-generation IsatPhone, offering stellar battery life and call quality within a damage-resistant package. Besides voicemail, text, and email messaging, the IsatPhone 2 can send tracking information or send an SOS to local emergency crews.

Compare Your Satellite Phone Options

Iridium GO!

Globalstar SPOT X

Inmarsat ISatPhone 2