Marine Cellular Internet

The best marine cellular routers paired with the most generous service plans.

Peplink Marine Cellular Routers

Getting connected from your boat or yacht has never been easier. For vessels that stay close to shore and want to be able to stream, game, and surf the web, a powerful marine cellular router paired with one or more region-specific SIM cards is the perfect option. Affordable, easy to install, and easy to use, the Peplink range of marine routers can provide coverage up to 20 miles offshore. While there are many marine router options available, SeaSat only sells the equipment that has proven best in an off-shore marine environment. For the absolute best in marine cellular connectivity, trust SeaSat and Peplink.

A weather-proof exterior with dual SIM slots and a category 18 LTE modem. Capable of connecting to any network in the USA and most international networks, the HD1 is a great option for US and Caribbean travel. 

A weather-proof exterior with Four SIM slots and two embedded cellular modems- a category 12 modem and a category 6 modem. Provides the best possible connection for mariners with multiple network connections.

Simple to use, simple to install. A powerful 5G router with a maritime-specific external antenna. Provides easy SIM access directly from the router for switching between networks, and reads all major 4G and 5G cellular bands.

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Peplink HD1 Dome Standard

Peplink HD2 Dome Premium

Peplink BR1 Pro 5G Marine Bundle