BR1 PRO 5G Marine Package

5G Marine Cellular Equipment

Flexible. Simple. Cutting edge. The new BR1 Pro 5G paired with a Maritime 40G ensures the best in simple to use, simple to install marine internet. 5G ready and WiFi 6 capable, this system will ensure that if there is a signal available around your vessel, you will have connectivity. Best of all, installation couldn’t be simpler- just install the external antenna using the equipment provided, and have a cable run down to the router in your deck.

Peplink MAX BR1 PRO 5G

The Pepwave MAX BR1 PRO 5G brings much faster router performance, 5G, and Wi-Fi 6 to one of the most popular models in the Peplink product line. At 1.14 inches short, the BR1 Pro 5G is 25% slimmer than the BR1 Classic while boasting quite a few other performance updates. The new MAX BR1 PRO 5G is the first major update to the MAX BR1 in years – and it appears to be a complete redesign built on top of a significantly more advanced underlying architecture.

SIM Cards Accessible From the Router

Unlike the HD1 Dome and HD2 Dome that require a separate SIM injector to access SIM cards from the cabin, the BR1 Pro 5G can have SIM cards swapped directly from the unit itself. This is a major cost benefit for consumers that don’t want the added expense of the SIM injector nor the lack of flexibility from having to access the SIMs once the Dome is installed.

International Compatibility as you Sail

The BR1 Pro 5G is certified by all major US cellular networks, and is compatible with many international networks as you travel. When you port in a new location, just acquire a new data-only SIM card and place it into the active SIM slot. It is as simple as that- purchase, place, and get connected. No complicated configuration, no extra equipment needed.

Peplink Maritime 40G

With 4 cellular channels and a GPS, the Maritime 40G is an all-in-one antenna ready to bring unbreakable connectivity to maritime applications. 4×4 MIMO provides solid reliability under heavy usage, with easy installation through an included hardware kit.

Built for the Future

An antenna designed for the next generation of connectivity. Boasting a wide frequency range of 410 to 6000Mhz, this unit is capable of supporting all major LTE and 5G bands. Wi-Fi bands are covered as well, with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi frequencies supported. 

Simple, Quick Installation

The Maritime 40G includes accessories for easy pole, wall, or standard maritime mounting. Supports standard maritime 1″ 14 TPI thread mount, with an L-shape mount for other non-standard installations. With an IP68 rated enclosure, you don’t have to worry about any impact from the elements affecting the unit.

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