Marine Cellular Package Installation Guide

The Equipment

Peplink AP One Access Point

Multi-Port PoE Switch

Peplink MAX HD Dome Cellular Router

The Installation

Equipment Locations

Mount the Peplink MAX HD Dome to the mast of your vessel, and install the PoE switch and AP One access point in the cabin. Run an ethernet cord from the MAX HD Dome down to the PoE switch in your vessel’s cabin, then run an ethernet cord from the PoE switch to the AP One access point. Plug the PoE switch into a power outlet. At this point, your router should be on and you will be able to connect to your new network. Here is how it should look:

MAX HD Dome Mounting

While the PoE switch and the AP One access point are very simple to set up and can be kept in the cabin of your vessel, the MAX HD Dome requires a few additional steps. Use the animation below to learn how to mount the outdoor router, or watch the longer tutorial video further down this page if you need a full detailed overview of installation. 

Comprehensive Installation Walkthrough